Client Testimonials

O. Marin - Upland, CA
"If ever there was a better way to find insurance this is it. Just knowing that your coverage is about to expire is dreadful in its own right, but having to sift through the multitudes of insurance companies that claim they have the lowest rates is down right criminal."

"I don't hold high expectations when it comes to insurance companies because the rates they promise over the phone are just to reel you in and price gouge you in the end. My experience with Avina's is that they delivers what they promise. There was an immediate feeling that Eva was working for my best interest and not hers. It was simple. I gave her my information, she did all the work and she then called me with my rate which was ridiculously lower than the "low rate" advertisers.. When it was all said and done my actual rate was even lower than what she quoted and the coverage more than met my family's need."

"There is no question about it when it comes to my insurance problems. I am calling Eva with no hesitation, and let her work her magic again and again."

J. Ramirez - Compton, CA
"It has been well over a year since I came across a car incident which was my first experience as a driver and I was really terrified since I was young and it was my first accident and not to mention that I was not at fault. A great amount of insurance companies were trying to take advantage of this issue and increase my insurance fee. I was in search of the best insurance company that will benefit me the most and all the insurance agencies were charging me a lot due to my incident. I always had that in my head, but it was not until I came across Avinas Insurance for all the questions I had. This agency has done a lot to help me out not only do they have great customer service, but also the prices. The representative I always have assisting me is Andrew Martinez, he has been really good at explaining all the issues/questions/ or concerns you face as a new person in search of insurance. He helped me get the best service with the best company that will benefit me the most."

W. Small - San Diego, CA
"In over 10 years of dealing with insurance agents, you guys are the first ones that I can really trust."

J. Tanton - Sacramento, CA
"After receiving a ticket for a driving offense, I was in need of some affordable insurance because my company was going to drop me. After numerous phone calls to several independant insurance companies, I stumbled across Avinas Insurance. I called and spoke with Andrew Martinez who was knowledgable, professional, and caring. I had very specific needs that I was looking for in my coverage and wanted to make sure that I was getting the best deal for my dollar. Andrew took the time to go out of his way to ensure that I was getting my needs met. He took the time to investigate all aspects of what I was looking for and was always prompt in returning all the inofrmation to me in a timely manner. I would receommend Avinas Insurance Group to anyone looking for a great deal and great service! Thank you Andrew for making this a very positive experience!"

N. Dellomes - Redondo Beach, CA
"I was shopping for car insurance, as 20th Century had just doubled the rate I was paying monthly. I had answered questions and received several quotes via the Internet. Andrew answered my inquiries and came back with the most awesome quote ever! Approximately half of what 20th Century was charging me. I even contacted Andrew by phone to verify that had taken all my information in to consideration (recent accidents). Andrew assured me that the quote was legitimate and there would be no increase when the policy became effective. (I have had the experience where some companies will quote you a certain amount/premium, but then as the policy goes into effect, the amount of the premium increases.) Andrew was correct. I have had the same low cost premium for months now without any "unforeseen" increase in rates. Furthermore, since I had just bought a new used vehicle and was changing my insurance carrier, Andrew was there for me every step of the way and took care of all my questions and made sure the DMV and the finance carrier of my vehicle were apprised of my new insurance carrier. Best of all, I am receiving the same coverage (low deductible) that I had been paying twice the amount of premium for coverage. Any time I have a question or need something, Andrew is right there for me. He answers my questions and attends to my insurance needs the same day I contact him. This is definitely a full service insurance agency at a customer friendly rate. I can't even imagine ever using someone else again. I absolutely and sincerely recommend Avina's Insurance Agency for complete satisfaction and peace of mind."

D. Mundy - Oakland, CA
"Dear Andrew, Thank you for all of your help with this. You have truly made finding auto insurance much more pleasant and bearable for me. I had a terrible time trying to get insurance on my own, went to a number of places, lots of paper work, endless waiting, all for nothing. I can't thank you enough for cutting through all of the red tape. Your commitment to excellent customer service really shows."

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